Terms of Use

THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The Road Conditions information contained in this web site is based on the observation of Colorado Department of Transportation employees, reports from automated field devices or other sources and represents the general road and weather conditions at the time of the observation.

Please note that some time may have passed since the observation was made and conditions may have changed. It is not intended that this information be used as the sole basis for travel decisions.

During inclement weather, it is advisable that travel be delayed until CDOT has had an opportunity to perform any necessary maintenance activities. Always drive at speeds reasonable in relation to the condition of the highway.

The Speeds and Travel Time information is calculated using conditiond observed on the ground. The actual conditions can vary due to changes in the traffic, weather and/or an incident. We calculate this information every two minutes. To find out more about how this is done click on how speed is calculated.

If you would like to use the data provided this website, please review the XML section. We require registration with the Secretary of the State and that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) be completed with you that is signed so that we know that (a) your web application / site is collecting data from us on a regular basis (and not for example a denial of service attack) and (b) when we make changes to the XML interface, we can notify you.