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  Planning and Research

ITS Planning

Intelligent Transportation System planning promotes strategic, coordinated direction regarding statewide ITS by working with state and local stakeholders. ITS Planning utilizes modeling analysis to determine appropriate applications/locations and provides a cost/benefit evaluation. ITS Planning seeks to enhance existing or develop new policies, procedures, standards, and specifications to ensure that ITS becomes institutionalized into the Statewide Transportation Planning process and applicable funding mechanisms. Presently, ITS is in the process of developing an ITS Strategic/Business Plan. The Plan is being developed by a cross-functional team of C.D.O.T. headquarters and region staff (ITS Steering Committee) and, in working with individual C.D.O.T. regions, identifies, addresses, and sets department-wide strategic direction for ITS. The ITS office also participates on the Statewide Transportation Planning Committee and the Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee.

Performance Measures

In an effort to make investment decisions that are more cost-effective and that enhance accountability, the Transportation Commission and the department developed five investment strategy categories. They are system quality, safety, mobility, program delivery, and strategic projects. System quality, safety and mobility are structured to report the effect of transportation investment decisions on the transportation system. Program delivery reports the efficiency and effectiveness of C.D.O.T. staff in delivering projects, programs, and other administrative services. Strategic projects tracks the construction of the 28 strategic projects. All C.D.O.T. programs have been placed in at least one of the investment strategy categories. In addition, for each investment strategy, the Transportation Commission has identified goals and objectives to direct C.D.O.T in accomplishing the goals. ITS developed performance measures to evaluate progress toward achieving the objectives that are identified within the investment strategy categories. The performance measures will provide a tool to measure the efficiency and effectiveness concerning how specific ITS program activities support the goals within the investment strategy categories.

ITS Research

The ITS office is a member of the Colorado Transportation Research Implementation Council (RIC). The RIC is managed and administered by the research branch of the Division of Transportation Development. The members are appointed by the executive director, and are responsible to: identify strategic direction for the research program, review and evaluate research proposals and ongoing research activities, recommend research to be conducted and appropriate funding levels, identify implementation priorities, and assign responsibility of specific research recommendations. One recently completed project, Estimating Link Travel Time on I-70 Corridor will be implemented this year in a deployment project. The objective was to equip probe vehicles with global positioning system devices in order to estimate average link speed and travel through the corridor segment. In addition, there are three active research projects that are evaluating certain ITS applications.

The ITS office represents Colorado in the Enterprise Program. Enterprise is a multi-agency, pooled-fund research program. It is a consortium of state dots (Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Virginia and Washington) including the Dutch Ministry of Transport and the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. FHWA and Transport Canada also participate in and support Enterprise. Enterprise provides a forum for collaborative research, development, evaluation, and deployment for ITS related projects and activities. To advance innovative solutions that improve the quality of transportation service. For additional information regarding Enterprise go to,

ITS Discretionary Earmarks

This is formally known as the ITS Integration Component of the ITS Deployment Program as defined in Section 5208 of TEA-21. The program provides federal funding to accelerate the integration and interpretability of ITS across systems, jurisdictional and modal boundaries in metropolitan, regional, statewide, and rural areas. Those desiring to participate meet with their Congressional delegations to discuss and explain perspective projects. The projects are evaluated in accordance with established criteria, and if it is determined that they satisfy the criteria they are proposed for funding. The funding is subject to the participant providing a 50% match of the total cost of the project. The total cost of the project is the Congressionally designated amount plus the required 50% match. The department has successfully solicited four ITS earmarks in the following federal fiscal years, one in 1998, one in 2000, and two in 2001.

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