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The deployment and integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Colorado is currently taking place at unprecedented levels. Although, we have had a number of ups and downs over the past ten years; the state of the existing ITS program is sound and we look forward to continued success as we undertake a number of important projects over the next few years.

The Colorado Transportation Management System (CTMS) is currently our largest project with over $25 million in federal and state dollars invested to date. The project includes deployment activities such as port-of-entry automation, dynamic message signs, closed circuit television, system improvements at the Hanging Lake Tunnel on I-70, and traffic and parking management systems for the new NFL stadium in Denver. Integration work includes improving "central" video systems, web upgrades, integrating weather data, developing NTCIP-compliant drivers, and study/first phase implementation of center-to-center interfaces between C.D.O.T. and the cities of Colorado Springs and Lakewood. The project will run through 2003 and is about 70% complete at this time.

We have also been working with the private sector to deploy "wireline" and "wireless" communication lines through a number of shared resource initiatives. The wireline project is the furthest along, having installed fiber optic backbone lines from Denver to Kansas, in the Denver area itself, and along portions of the proposed Denver to Utah link.

A third project which is just underway includes start-up activities to support ITS deployment along the multi-year, $1.6 billion I-25 Southeast Corridor (T-REX) reconstruction project. T-REX will ultimately include a significant amount of new ITS elements; the level of which may actually dwarf the CTMS project.

An important hurdle was crossed in 2001 with the completion of two regional ITS architectures. The first is the Denver area and was completed by the Denver Regional Council of Governments. The second was by C.D.O.T. for the Region 2 (Pueblo and Colorado Springs) area. The architectures provide both areas with the framework required to achieve institutional agreement and technical integration of ITS projects, and they are required for all future projects using federal highway trust funds for ITS.

We have received two new earmarks from Congress for ITS projects beginning later in 2001. The first will be for ITS integration along the I-70 West mountain corridor with funding used to expand the vehicle probe network deployed on resort shuttles, fill in gaps within the communication networks, and study or implement additional interfaces.

The second earmark will be used for up-front planning, systems, software, and design for a new Colorado Transportation Management Center (CTMC) building. Those who have visited the CTMC in Lakewood understand the limitations at that facility and our needs for additional room to operate and grow. C.D.O.T. is currently undertaking a search for the location of the new CTMC and expects to have a site identified by early 2002. Finally, the Transportation Commission has set aside funding in fiscal year 2004 to construct a new CTMC. This project will also include the procurement of new master control software for the CTMC, perhaps the most important item we lack.

With this number and variety of projects underway, it is an exciting time to be a part of the C.D.O.T. ITS program. Clearly, the upcoming T-REX project, our proposed new master control software procurement and our planned move to a new location present plenty of challenging and interesting times to come.

We would like to take this opportunity, to thank the Colorado Transportation Commission and the Colorado Division of the Federal Highway Administration for their ongoing support, partnership, and encouragement; while we have built the current program from a small startup operation to the effective level it is today. Furthermore, a special thank you is due to the staff of the ITS branch for their hard work and perseverance. The staff's dedication to successful planning, operations, and deployment, particularly over the past two-year period has been the cornerstone to our success.

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