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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Region ITS Strategic Plans and Architectures

Regional ITS Strategic Plan (pdf 5.6MB) and ITS Architecture for the DRCOG area (pdf 5MB)
Regional ITS Strategic Plan (pdf 5.1MB) and ITS Architecture for Southeastern Colorado - CDOT Regions 1 and 2 (pdf 4.5MB)
Regional ITS Strategic Plan (pdf 4.6MB) and ITS Architecture for Western Colorado - CDOT Regions 3 and 5 (pdf 4.7MB)
CDOT Region 4 ITS Strategic Implementation Plan (pdf 26.5MB) and CDOT Region 4 ITS Architecture (pdf 1.9MB)

Region ITS Implementation Plans

Region 1 ITS Implementation Plan (pdf 3.6MB)
Region 6 ITS Implementation Plan (pdf 4.2MB)

Statewide ITS Strategic Plan

Statewide ITS Strategic Plan Jan 2002 (pdf 359KB)
Statewide ITS Strategic Plan ExeSum Jan 2002-Including Charts (pdf 1.2MB)

Routes of Significance

Routes of Significance Report (pdf 1.3MB)
Routes of Significance Report Appendix A (pdf 7KB)
Routes of Significance Report Appendix B (pdf 3.7MB)
Routes of Significance Report Appendix C (pdf 2.2MB)
Routes of Significance Report Appendix D (pdf 2.3MB)
Routes of Significance Report Appendix E (pdf 5KB)

Other ITS Plans

Denver Regional Integrated Display Map Guidelines March 2012 (pdf 1.8MB)

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